Electronic Air Cleaners – Low Maintenance for Big Improvements

The Refrigeration School, Inc. in Phoenix, AZ offers coursework in electrical technologies and mechanical maintenance engineering. RSI graduates work in careers ranging from ballpark refrigeration technician to casino electrician; the school provides dedicated career training and advising for all students. For more lg صيانة ال جي about RSI’s career training programs, visit the school’s WDo a quick search on Google using the keyword “electronic air cleaner” or ” electronic air purifier” and you get a list of sites with name brands advertising all about the same type of air cleaner.

You got one that goes in the duct work that uses an ionizer to collect particles into a HEPA filter and then there’s another one that ionizes particles and traps them onto collection plates.

I’d probably pick the electronic air cleaner with the filter if I had my rathers because changing a filter is a lot more appealing than scrubbing plates once a week. But as I’m saying that I’m reminded of the fact that HEPA filters are pretty expensive replacement parts and since I’d have to slap down a handsome hunk of change for the air purifier in the first place, it might be the one with the collection plates I want.
The indecision is making me sleepy.

But maintenance seems to be the running theme here.

What kind of maintenance or replacement parts am I willing to put up with to own an electronic air purifier?

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that HEPA air filters are so effective that they can remove particles as small as .03ppm and the fact that NASA uses them in the space station. But an appliance that requires me to replace a expensive filter once, twice, three times a year is just that. Expensive! Another issue with filters is that they can become a breeding ground for the bacteria and virus particles they catch.

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