The Battle Of The Operating Systems, Android Vs iOS:

The world needs no presentation with respect to the contention among iOS and Android advanced mobile phones. While the applications and offices given by both Android and iOS working frameworks is a great deal unique in relation to one another, however the world advanced cell client base gets immensely influenced with each new dispatch from these goliaths. While iOS gadgets are known for their top of the line current PDAs, the Android working framework made it Android Data Eraser for the general population to approach every single cutting edge innovation at a scope of reasonable costs.

Each time another gadget from both of the producers is presented in the market, the entire world enthusiastically makes examinations between them. This pattern is being pursued throughout the previous couple of years and it doesn’t appear to end at any point in the near future. With the arrival of Android L just as iOS 8 in the coming fall, this contention is relied upon to get another lift and the popular war between these two is clearly going to sprout.

Seeing this continuing competition, how might we prevent ourselves from making correlations between Android L and iOS 8? Without squandering any additional time, let us investigate Android L (running on Nexus 5) and iOS 8 (running on iPhone 5S).

Lock Screens and Home Screens

Investigating the lock screen of Android L, it has experienced some praiseworthy changes. Prior we needed to pull down the screen from the best so as to peruse the warnings, however at this point we can see the notices directly amidst the screen. This element, by one way or another, appears to have been embraced from iOS. By twofold tapping a warning in Android L, that specific application will get propelled and so as to expel it, you should simply swipe it to both of the opposite sides. While a swipe on iOS 8 can be utilized to answer to an email or for checking it as READ. These highlights are all around legitimized in both Android L and iOS 8.

In iOS, the warning light will be on for a considerable length of time with the goal that the user can peruse the message, while in Android L the RGB notice light will go off. Likewise, there is an easy route to the Phone application present on the lock screen of Android L, something that isn’t there on iOS 8. In any case, the camera application is available on the lock screens of both Android L and iOS 8.

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